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Dr. Brain series several characters named Dr. Brain. The player is often put in the role of finding or assisting the doctors.

Behind the scenes[]

There are actually not one, but several Dr. Brains.

  • In first two games, the character is Dr. Thaddeus Egghead Brain.
  • In the third and forth games series the character is Dr. Thaddeus P. Brain the Third (the P stands for puzzles). He is the puzzle master and brother of T.E. Brain.
  • The third game also included Dr T.E and Dr. T.P. Brain's niece, Dr. Elaina Brain.
  • In the Knowledge Adventure Series there is a younger twenty-something Dr. Brain, from 2326. In the first game he is literally a head in a jar. He has two clone helpers, one known as Dr. Pro Brain a clone of Dr. Brain, and in first game is up against the evil clone Dr. Con Brain.
  • According to the QFG series, Dr. Brain is the great-great grandson of Dr. Cranium from Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness (this is specifically in reference to Dr. Thaddeus Egghead Brain).
  • Dr. Emmental von Braun is the son or nephew of Dr. Cranium according to Corey Cole. Thus making him a distant relative or ancestor of Dr. E. and P. Brain. This would make him possibly the son of Frankie from QFG4.
  • This indicates that Dr. Cranium has a brother or sister (braun not only means brown but also brain depending on usage/translation), which would likely imply a brother if Braun is craniums nephew.
  • This also indicates that Dr Thaddeus P. Brain I was grandson of Dr. Cranium, and Dr. Thaddeus P. Brain II was the great-grandson of Dr. Cranium. Assuming that there wasn’t a break in naming between other generations (I.e. Brain I being son of Cranium, and Brain II being great grandson). In any case this leaves one generation unaccounted for… Assuming Hero-U’s Dr. Braun does not account for the missing generation between Cranium and Dr. Thaddeus P. Brain I.