Dr. Thaddeus Puzzle Brain the Third is title character of Dr. Brain 3 and Dr. Brain 4.

Background Edit

He is a doctor of Puzzleometry. He is the uncle of Dr. Elaina Brain. Much like his relative, Dr. Thaddeus Egghead Brain, Dr. T. Puzzle Brain owns his own castle. His castle is a dark and topped with creepy gargoyle heads. It is located on the cliffs of a mountainous region at the end of a treacherous road.



  • "I am Dr. Thaddeus P. Brain the Third, the P stands for Puzzle."

Behind the scenesEdit

It is unclear how Dr. T.P. Brain III is related to Dr. T.E. Brain from the first two games. The reference to the "Third" may be a nod to the fact that it is the third game in the series. It could even be a reference to him being the third known Dr. Brain if one includes Dr. Cranium as the first, which could make him the son of Dr. Brain from the Cole's series.

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