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Apple bucketBook bagBookcase key
Bucket of cornCastle of Dr. BrainCastle of Dr. Brain Manual
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Clock keyClock room plaqueComputer components
Control computer plaqueDB1 transcriptDart gun hand
Data CardDr. BrainDr. Brain's Handy-Dandy Letter Counter
Dr. Brain's New Plan to Ease Smog in L.A.Dr. Brain's Secret Decoder RingDr. Brain's Teaser
Dr. Brain (Hoyle 4)Dr. Brain Omnipedia WikiDr. Cranium
Dr. Elaina BrainDr. Emmental von BraunDr. Thaddeus E. Brain
Dr. Thaddeus P. Brain the ThirdElectromagnet handEye icon
FrankFrankie BrainGenetic Materials
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InventoryIron FaceJigsaw puzzle plaque
Lab AssistantLaboratory AssistantMathematics plaque
Memory Puzzle PlaqueMicroscope receiptMiniature fork lift hand
ProPropeller HeadPunched card
Purple cartridgePuzzleometryRathbone
Robot programming plaqueRuby KeySafe lock plaque
Saucer HeadScrap of paperService elevator key
Sheet musicSolomon's KeyStar Medal, 1st Class
Stone disksThe Island of Dr. BrainThe Lost Mind of Dr. Brain
The Pizza of Dr. BrainThe Time Warp of Dr. BrainTime cards
TimelineWatermelonWord Game Achievement
Yellow bagYellow cartridge
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