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The Island of Dr. Brain (aka Dr. Brain 2) is the second game in the Dr. Brain series by Sierra Online. It was released in 1992 and was only available to play in DOS.[1] Like the other games in the Dr. Brain series, "The Island of Dr. Brain" was an educational puzzle game, and is also the second Adventure game in the series.

The game's story starts with an explanation by Dr. Brain. He tells the player that plans for his latest project were stolen, and he charges the player to retrieve a battery from his island and bring it to him. The player must then traverse the security puzzles Dr. Brain has set up throughout his island.[2]

The game was designed by Patrick Bridgemon, and was produced and directed by Brett Miller. Todd Powers was the lead programmer.[3] The game's music was written by Rob Atesalp.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The Sierra Originals version is the floppy version burned onto the CD, with no changes. The copy protection was reformatted and included in the case manual.


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