• 990,000,000 BC, primoridal soup, the first single cell organisms.
  • 200,000,000 BC, the age of fish.
  • 60,000,000 BC, the age of dinosaurs.
  • 2,000,000 BC, the first mammals.
  • 10,000 BC, the age of caveman (first humans).
  • 1400 AD, the medieval period.
  • 1981, a calender in Dr. Brain's Castle, showing Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
  • c. 1991 AD, an unnamed invidual solves the security puzzles of Dr. Thaddeaus Egghead Brain's castle in order to become the Dr's new lab assistant.
  • c. 1992 AD, Dr. Thaddeus E. Brain asks his lab assistant to retrieve a battery from his island.
  • 1993, a calender in the EncycloAlmanacTionaryOgraphy.
  • 1994, a calender in the EncycloAlmanacTionaryOgraphy.
c. 1994 AD, Dr. Thaddeus Puzzle Brain the Third accidently transfers all of his intelligence into his lab rat, Rathbone, the lab assistant and Dr. Elaina Brain helps return the Dr. to normal.
c. 1996 AD, Dr. T.P. Brain uses his time machine in order to try to go back one week in time to find his car keys. (accidently ends up in various points in history). The lab assistant goes looking for him to bring him back to the present.


The dates for each game are based on the year the game was released, not necessarily the year the games were supposed to take place in.